Lyft App Recensioni

Alternativa a Uber

Consigliata come alternativa, offre un servizio simile, ma spesso più economico, con autisti decisamente di ottimo livello.

Italia mancante

Perché fare un app dove il servizio non è attivo?..

Non funzionante in Italia

Inutile, doppione di uber, ma non funzionante


Amazing service.

Go back to old. No improvements

This “upgrade” is utterly terrible. The gps is so off. The search capabilities often don’t work. I have found nothing useful about this new app.

Great company

Much better then UBER service and price


Awesome drivers will consider calling again gives a 10/10


I’ve paid 18 dollars to still be tardy to my destination. My map in the lyft app showed the route going on a toll highway and I glanced up at the driver map and it showed the same. Couple minutes later we are not taking the route that’s still on my phone. Long story short driver kept stopping the car. And couldn’t even speak English. You guys really need to make a selection on language, before I request allow me to choose English or bilingual. because it’s not fair when it seems like someone’s acting like they don’t know what your saying. You guys do better. Some people rely on these apps, don’t allow other to mess it up.

Very good

Loving it more than Uber

Above and beyond

Driver went above and beyond to make sure i made it to my destination she should really be in management or training


Good people and safe driver. A lot of respect for this man.

Lyft is great!

I love using Lyft. Friendly drivers and clean cars. I enjoy tipping on the app and having the ability to customize the amount. I have used Lyft in multiple cities and find consistent service wherever I go.

They might pick you up at your door they might not

Lyft is an okay app cheaper than Uber but I’d rather pay that difference to actually get someone to pull up at my door. Not sure why but with Lyft I always have a 50/50 chance of getting someone to come to my actual house.

Great Company

I always use lyft when i dont have my car

Great experience

Love driving with Lyft. Great experience and good customer service.

App not accurate

You can call me at 213.631.8246

Great app but looking forward to improvements

I am grateful Lyft exists and, for the most part, I have had great experiences when I use Lyft. However, I think there should be a place in customers profiles where the customer can provide useful information to any drivers picking them up. Today I was alerted that my driver was hard of hearing before he showed up. I appreciated getting that cue because knowing that made the drive better. If customers could put something pertinent like that and it would come up as an alert to the driver before the driver arrived (e.g. customer is partially blind. Pull into driveway for her) it would help both parties tremendously and make things safer.

Too much money

My ride was way too much money when I usually pay 25-30 from the airport to my home.

More expensive

Too expensive

Customer Service is amazing!!

Firstly, the app is easy to use and I love how it is much cheaper than Uber. This is a reasonable option for many college students who rely on an allowance/budget! MOSTLY, the customer service is wonderful! Had a bad experience today with a ride, and based off of my comments and review, I got contacted by the Lyft customer service (within 1 hour after my ride) and they apologized/gave away more free rides to me and also followed up with the situation. They also will make sure I won’t be matched with that driver again! Thank you Lyft! I will continue to use you as much as I can :)

Love it


Sup brother

Hey Lyft ladies and Gents out there, get ready to rock and roll!!! Get and be with it, continue with it Lyft and experience bests Dik way to go!! ;) - Justin Miller

I love LYFT!

I have not used their competition, because I have been so pleased with the drivers and service I’ve received from LYFT. I highly recommend the company to anyone that uses any car service, including yellow cabs.

Karen’s ride1

Karen was awesome. Super fun and engaging ride


I dnt know who’s idea this was but it is a blessing iam sooo thankful for the service that lyft provides.. All of my rides have been great this far.

Riding from the airport to Brookline

It was the first and wonderful experience.

Easy to use app

Easy to use and more info is provided about the driver/vehicle than the competitor’s app.



Got a ride request quick than Uber

Fast service

Feedback from first time user

Lyft is an easier platform to use and is a lesser price option from a base functionality allowing for more if a rip to driver. Surge / Premium rates are not as prevalent and ridiculously rated.. Some of the rates for a 2o minute ride with Uber translate to over $130 an hour for the driver alone.. I want people to make money but not rape me in the process.

Returning customer

I’m not sure how much I spend on this app but I’m sure that my account has a outstanding amount . I never receive all of my promos and they never get back to me. I think I deserve better!


I’ve used Uber from the beginning and recently switched to lift. Lift outperforms Uber in price, car, and driver quality.

Great App Interface and Customer Service, Bad Driver Experiences

Lyft has been great providing an app that works well, responds well on my phone, and the few issues I’ve had the customer service team has been great to deal with. However, I’m unhappy with the selection of drivers I’ve been paired with. Your mileage may vary depending on your area but due to my personal experiences I uninstalled the app. It’s not Lyft’s fault but I’d rather save the money I would spend on a ride share and take the bus instead. Despite this, Lyft offers great promos from time to time so if cost is a concern, Lyft is a good option. They’re also extremely transparent on how your fare is calculated which is nice.

First time Lyft customer

My first ride this morning cycled on me last minute. Needless to say I was late to work. Tried to reschedule another ride. Thankfully got a reliable driver this time! Thank you Ian! I appreciate your promptness and professionalism!

First time

My car broke down. Needed ride home a few miles away. This is amazing.

I Will Never Call a Cab Again!

My son has been trying to get me to download the LYFT app for a very long time. But I’m old school, or should I say WAS old school. I’ve been in Houston on business for the past week... As usual, I had the Front Desk call a cab for me in the mornings, and I’d call the cab when I was ready to return to the hotel. Over the weekend, I decided to download and use the LYFT app to schedule a ride to Lakewood Church. OMG... It was Soooo much more convenient, faster, and inexpensive. I Called LYFT to take me to and from my meetings today... and will do so for the rest of the week. I LOVE LYFT

Monthly / Rides based plan

Good to have monthly / rides based plan to attract more customers.

Invalid coupon code

Lyft sent me a coupon code which ended up being invalid. Not happy with Lyft.

Love it

It’s decent and the drivers are nice


High rates No coupons for frequent users

Perfect time, driving!

Great guy Irvin. Good luck man!!!

Rider Dan

What I love is I don’t wait and time is money. Drivers are well dressed and polite and not under the influence.

President and CEO

I tried Lyft first time yesterday and it was a great experience . I saw a $50 discount on my screen with Lyft logo and I downloaded it to try . My discount disappeared and I have used the Lyft three times from yesterday .. can you please use my $50 against my three trips ! Thank you! You guys are better than Others in pricing as well as cleanliness etc


Really enjoyed the ride Adam is a really good person and good driver he saved the day for me Thanks Again Adam

I’m Highly upset !

I order a pool ride through Lyft to go pick up my daughter from school . I am over 20 minutes late because of this pool ride they picked someone up after me and dropped that person off first in an area not even close to mine ! This is terrible service ! Update your systems ! The gps always sends drivers to the wrong pick up / drop off locations . I’m upset I wish I can get a refund ! I’m not using this again!!! I don’t even know how to contact the company and tell them how messed up of a situation they put me in , that’s not ok !!!

Best service

Best service , on the the time, very friendly driver Love this service and will use for my all Next trips

Be careful with the rates

Rates are not accurate. I just got overcharged

I use Lyft a lot

Cars are clean and drivers have been nice, for the most part. I use Lyft a lot and would appreciate a coupon or discount for some of my rides. It is getting expensive.

Hard to search and exit

The most common task is to search for an address or building- this version is not easy to search. For road construction or temp restrictions (no pickup), the app is wrong with out-dated data! Fo Apple, the app should stop running when the user wants exit out by pressing Home button!?

5 star

I suggest Lyft because it’s a dollar less than uber , saves money:)


Very professional & polite driver with great communication etiquette. Really wish there were far far more drivers like this nice young lady.

Get a Lyft!

Lyft is great always on time , clean vehicles and friendly drivers....excellent

Lift is my favorite

Always on time, good drivers, good price

Good company. Very responsive to the customers.

I like LYFT. Whenever I have had any questions or comments, the LYFT team has always been there. Cars and drivers are fine.

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