Lyft App Recensioni

Alternativa a Uber

Consigliata come alternativa, offre un servizio simile, ma spesso più economico, con autisti decisamente di ottimo livello.

Italia mancante

Perché fare un app dove il servizio non è attivo?..

Non funzionante in Italia

Inutile, doppione di uber, ma non funzionante


Amazing service.


Nice service always.....

Billing error...

It appears I got double billed for a ride earlier this evening. When I first made the call, the message was that my ride would be here in 10 minutes. OK, no problem. But less than a minute later, I get a notice that he’s outside! He wasn’t. Then, the driver called me to say there was some kind of glitch and that he was still 10 minutes away. OK, fine, no problem. He arrives in about 10 minutes, he takes me where I’m going. It’s all good. Then, I see that my bill was for $20+ ....about twice what I was expecting!!!


Very pleasant experience. Jamal was very professional.

Better than Uber

I started with Uber but I notice Lyft is better service , cheapest and everywhere I go.

Cancellation fee?

Today was only the2nd time I’ve used lyft I thought it would automatically know where I wanted to be picked up . No it mistakenly entered my drop off location so I called the driver to explain and I was charged $5.00!

Mrs Rodriguez

Excellent service. Always gets me to work and school on time and safely and best of all good price


It is just so nice to have a local driver pick you up and safely drop you off at your location. I have had nothing but GREAT experiences with Lyft. My recent Portland, OR trip was no different!



Very happy in almost every way

Good app. Great service. Friendly drivers. I only wish Lyft was easier to reach on the rare occasions when there’s a problem.

Nice service

We have used Lyft several times, always with great satisfaction. I will continue to use until something changes with the service.


They don’t seem to care about costumers, drivers are never in time always late.

Great Lyft Services!!

100% great service!! EVERY SINGLE LYFT DRIVER I EVER HAD WAS GREAT !personality was very nice I did not have to complain write a complaint or Be upset over lyft : ) so glade I switched over

Easy,smooth and great drivers 👍👌

Lift is better than Uber

My first time using lift

I have never used lift before it is great . Convenient, clean so far and the fare is not to bad . I will continue using lift ,

Consistently late

When using pool they will predict a time range but constantly is later than said time range because they will add a rider, even when you are already predicted to arrive at the upper limit of that time range. Not worth it

If you're blind, delete It

Extremely disappointed that they ruined Voiceover accessibility. Apparently the customers who need it are not that important to them. Good thing there's Uber or I'd have been stuck with no way home.

Great experience!

This was an amazing experience! Will do it again, SOON!


Great Service to save from any driving related issues.

Love Lyft 100% better than Uber every time

Love Lyft always great response time and awesome drivers

Thank you!

Great experiences with drivers. Terrific for locations where cabs are scarce.

Michael (VW) left me!

I asked if I could bring my puggle. He said no, pretty gruffly, TBH. I told him I would take the dog back inside, and I thought he understood that I would be back out. But he left. And I was in a hurry! And it took me 10 minutes to get another ride. Ugh.

Lyft is smart

Do the right thing. By using lyft you are helping people in more ways than one. I endorse lyft and they have never let me down once. I fired uber because they left me hanging. Use LYFT

Always a good ride!

Love Lyft it’s always a great ride. Especially in Charleston with Phil! Clean car, cool with great historical knowledge

Excelente empresa

Me gusta como trabaja rápido y seguro...

Great Services.

The service is always Good to me .

Do not download this app

I have been trying to delete the Lyft app, I’m giving up after two hours of trying. Moreover, it will not let me delete my credit card information unless i add a new card. There is no way to simply delete my credit card info@wth

Better than Uber

Recently switched to Lyft from Uber and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with their prices and services. So much so, I had to write this review.

awesome at first but now confusingwith voiceover as a blind person.

for some reason in this update Lyft goes by milliseconds instead of how many minutes a driver is estemated from the current pickup location, for example the driver would be 5 minutes instead it says like 510000 micro seconds. please change this, and I will up the rating back to 5 stars☺️😟 Also can you please add a feature like disability mode or accessible mode in the app as well, an example, have it under the profile as an option to let drivers know that the passenger has a disability/blind/hard of hearing etc. it would be well appreciated. and less to explain to the driver via text or phone call,.

Problem with Lyft

I scheduled a pickup to go to the airport 2 days prior to pick up time, 7am this morning. At 3 min to 7am, a received a text telling me my driver was 28 min away. I assumed that with the advance notice, Lyft would have found me a ride or let me know if not. I could have missed my flight. Would it be possible to notify people like me if no driver has been procured?

Much better than Uber

Much better than Uber!


My go to app

The best

Great convenient

So far great service

I love Lyft is way better then Uber

Amazing app

Never disappoints. Live the lux part of the app

Very reasonably priced!

I needed a ride on a Saturday night around midnight and checked Lyft and Uber and Uber was almost twice as expensive. My ride was there in no time and had a very nice car and very enjoyable conversation.

Regular Rider

Generally Lyft is great! When wait times are extra long I appreciate being able to cancel without $5 penalty.

Wish time estimates were a bit more accurate

Only reason not 5 stars is because I dislike being quoted a time and then when I agree having it update to a longer time after I agree to the ride.


Very friendly. Great conversation

Great experience

I have always found lyft very convenient and had very good drivers.


Driver Sasha is great!!!!

App downfall is drop pin

The App works very well. The drop pin/allow location function doesn’t locate your correct location. I had a hard time editing the location when I confirmed the ride.

Good job Jose

This was a spendy ride home, but worth it because Jose was nice and didn’t complain about my friend talking about her inbred dogs butthole for a large chunk of the way home.

Mr Lanny Massey

New app is lousy; it tries to set up an immediate ride and a rider has only two minutes to cancel. It takes more than two minutes to figure out how to cancel. The new App is too hard to use.

Oscar 1

5 stars. Courteous, on time, clean car.

Awesome service

When a ride is need, Lyft is definitely my go to! All perfect experiences? No. But the resolutions what been handled quickly and fairly.

Great service

Always reliable...l use them all the time

Lyft review

Good conversation and good driving


All drivers need to follow the rules of the road. We have enough knuckleheads that forgot the law. I seen too many drivers make a u-turn on a double yellow and get mad at me cause I am in their way.


He was very friendly and he made me feel comfortable he has a very clean truck and he got me where I needed to go thanks

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