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Все работает идеально

Не могу зарегистрироваться

Кто-нибудь может подсказать - функционирует ли Lyft в России, в частности в Москве ? При регистрации ввожу свой мобильный без кода страны "7" (иначе не хватает цифр), но необходимый код доя завершения регистрации не приходит на телефон. Спасибо.

В России не работает

На апрель 2016 года, в России не представлен.

Liars and cheats

Quoted me one price then charged me triple. Then could never get through to customer service. Awful awful awful.

Scheduled ride disappeared

I scheduled a ride for a few hours away, switched apps and when I switched back, the app interface had changed and my ride was no longer showing anywhere on the app. I began to try and reschedule, but the option to change pickup time was now nowhere to be found in the app. I then received a text (that I can’t reply to) that my scheduled ride is still on, but I have no way to track or communicate with driver. Also there is no immediate customer support, just an emailed support ticket that will send some canned response much too late.

Map App is Getting Drivers LOST

I’ve had three Lyft rides in the last 24 hours and all three drivers are using Waze. All three drivers got lost because the Waze app gave them bad directions. The app had my driver circle the same freeway on-ramp area THREE TIMES! Finally, I told her to completely ignore the app and I directed her using Google Maps. If Lyft doesn’t get this driver map issue fixed IMMEDIATELY, I’m going to switch to Uber and Movin.

Nope. This is good and bad

Lyft is a good app but the way lines are arranged is horribleeeee ... it should not take me a hour to get to my destination when its really 20 minute drive .... ive seen like 3 passengers get picked up after me and im still the last one to get to my destination ... is not fair at all ..

Not affordable

$27 for a 12 minute ride with no traffic? No thanks



Prices going up???

I live 3-5 minutes away from my job an I usually get charged around $2.90-$5.83 which I already think is a lot of money but then I went to work and got charged $8.03!!! That’s ridiculous!!! For a 3 minute ride??? There’s no reason for it to be that much please fix this issue!!!

See you later Uber

Timely, efficient and friendly services. See you later Uber.

Love Lyft & App - Watch Problems

Lyft is a great service and the app is easy to use. Particularly great is the tie to Apple Pay so no need to load credit card info into Lucy’s app in particular. One BIG problem with recent iOS upgrades. I loved that I could use my iWatch to hail a ride and monitor its progress toward me. Since September the iWatch Lyft App has either not worked entirely or had to be reinstalled - at which point it may or may not work. As a SAFETY feature, not having a phone in hand while standing on the street was particularly appreciated. Sure hope Lyft’s app developers fix this!

Promo codes

Ok so this app is pretty good except for the promos they aren’t going through and they are charging me full price of the ride. Checked my bank and you charged me full price for the ride which is kind of a let down..

Amazing service

Feels weird reviewing Lyft, because to me it is a necessity. Simple and effective taxi service. Very reasonable prices, great service, has been a life-saver (literally) on multiple occasions.

Bad customer service.

Never responds to customer service inquiries.

Updated in the last 72 hours...

and I can no longer schedule a pickup. Not particularly helpful to remove or break that feature when I need a 3:15am pickup tomorrow.


Easy to use, affordable, good drivers

My number one go to app for traveling

I love this app! So many good experiences and have had so many great conversations during rides! And also love the new update💓

Lyft line algorithm is awful

I wanted to like lyft but the algorithm for lyft line is terrible. It takes me 15 mins in the wrong direction to pick up other passengers making what would have been sometimes a 5 minute drive into 20 mins or more. Even though Uber has been plaqued with scandals their app is much better and gets me home much quicker. Also lyft tends to be more expensive.

Awesome app

Awesome app & service. Far surpassed what I expected. Thank you Lyft!

Old drivers

Don’t trust old drivers


I signed up for your $5 off 20 rides for $20 and I find it a little too coincidental that ever since I did, every time I try to get a ride now the price is double to triple the usual due to high demand. I get that happens at times, but it’s seriously EVERY TIME now. So yeah, so much for that $5 off. I’m paying double what I usually do. Also, you guys still charge the regular price first and then remove the $5 off later. I’m just really frustrated with the service lately.

Happy passenger

Unfortunately I could not use my car to drop off my mother to jfk airport and the uber app was giving me tons of problems and I was un able to find a contact for customer service for immediate assistance. I decided to download lfyt app because I have herd of it during passing of friends but it was easy to download set up account and was about $20 cheaper then Uber which was a bit surprising to me , and my mother had a good and safe ride.

Bad experience

The several times I’ve had an issue with a lyft ride the customer service has been useless to resolve it. The cars and drivers are highly variable in quality and lack consistency. I’ve had great rides in nice cars and also terrible rides in cars that were clearly bought off Craigslist and sprayed with unhealthy amounts of perfume to cover up how bad they are. In the later case, customer support wasn’t very helpful to say the least. Say what you want about Uber but they stand up for their riders if there is an issue. In my experiences lyft does not.

Terrible service

I was getting a 6 plus ride to the airport and they required “verify code” that was text to me and couldn’t be entered. The app and this product is useless, going back to Uber.

Cannot save stops

This app is awful. It does not save stops in the app.

Garbage Promos

Lyft is a decent app, but their promos are garbage. I purchased a promo for $5 that would give me $4 off of 10 rides. I specifically bought it for my trip to Las Vegas, and AFTER THE PURCHASE I got my confirmation email with details on where I can use the promotion, and Vegas was not on the list. I searched for a list in the original promo email and there is no list of cities, or link to follow or anything to give information on qualifying areas. So they just bummed $5 off of me. I called customer support and they told me they aren’t obligated to to refund the promotion. Here is the list of cities in case anyone is digging for information. This pass is only valid for rides in the following cities: Atlanta, GA, Augusta, GA, Athens, GA, Columbus, GA, Macon, GA, Savannah, GA, Dalton, GA, Austin, TX, Houston, TX, New York City, NY, Mid-Hudson, NY, Nassau County, NY, Hamptons, NY, Suffolk County, NY, Westchester County, NY, Nashville, TN, Chattanooga, TN, Knoxville, TN, Clarksville, TN, Johnson City, TN, Memphis, TN, Chicago, IL, Milwaukee, WI, Madison, WI, Charlotte, NC, Washington, D.C., Denver, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, Fort Collins, CO, Dallas Fort Worth, TX, Los Angeles, CA, San Bernardino, CA, Santa Barbara, CA, Bakersfield, CA, Miami, FL, Orlando, FL, Tampa, FL, Sarasota, FL, Bradenton, FL, Naples, FL, Port Charlotte, FL, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, New Jersey, NJ, Buffalo, NY, Syracuse, NY, Rochester, NY, Albany, NY, Binghamton, NY, Elmira, NY, Plattsburgh, NY, Utica, NY, Watertown, NY, Orange County, CA, Portland, OR, Philadelphia, PA, Wilmington, DE, Allentown, PA, Harrisburg, PA, Lancaster, PA, Reading, PA, York, PA, State College, PA, Altoona-Johnstown, PA, Williamsport, PA, Scranton, PA, Erie, PA, Phoenix, AZ, Tucson, AZ, San Diego, CA, Seattle, WA, San Jose, CA, Salt Lake City, UT, Sacramento, CA, and Tacoma, WA


Drivers are taking there time. It’s been a few times i had to be at work at i got there late cuz of the driver. GPS take them to the wrong spots. And lyft double charged me and took out my money and put it back in my account And week later take it back out of my account.

I used to like this app

I used to like this app a lot now it’s irritating me. It’s not letting me use my account because I need to have payment bills when I already have it. Im using my dad’s card and he allowed me to. In fact he told me to use it even. Apparently for his card to work, I have to verify it which I already did. It said that I needed to contact support but that’s what I hate the most in here.

Good service

Great service

Drivers cancel when fares go up

If you book a ride before fares spike your driver cancels and you do not get the fare you locked. There is no recourse for the driver canceling any time even tho they wasted passenger time yet passengers get charged a fee.

Today’s ride

My ride today should have been 3.25 but my card was charge the original fee

App don’t work

The lyft app doesn’t work on my iPhone. Every time I open and try to use it, it tell me there’s a connection issue. The thing about it I have full bar of service.

Not so happy about the update

You guys made an update on the app and now you can only put in one destination instead of adding multiple locations for one driver ,it’s kind of a problem when you’re traveling to places they don’t have a best signal

There’s no way to delete credit card info!!

I’m leaving the country and won’t have access to my phone number any more. But there’s no way to delete my credit card info!! Technically someone else who got my phone number in the future can just log into my account and take rides with my credit card!! I’ve contacted Lyft support, but they only deactivated my account, not deleting it. After they deactivate my account, I can still login using just the phone number + verification code sent to this phone to login, and all my credit card info is still there!!

This app is garbage, i really do believe that. Uber is 10000x better

If you can don't take this app, they scammers


Fast and more professional service than Uber.

Cancellation fee

I didn’t know there was a cancellation fee. I was not aware of one because lyft didn’t tell me a warning before I cancelled the lyft. But the driver was not moving one bit so I had to cancel and get another driver because I was in a rush. Really messed up if lyft is gonna charge me 5$ cancellation fee of wasting, the driver that did not move, time.

So much better than UBER

Thank you for such a wonderful service! I use it 2x a day, and stopped using UBER because LYFT was 103947399x better 😊😊

Worst App EVER!

Today I ordered a Lyft and it was the most disrespectful ride and I didn’t even get a chance to get in the car! This driver was supposed to pick me up today but when I got about 10 feet within the car, he drove away and canceled the ride. I also was texting and calling him before that and he never answered. The directions that I could see also pointed to the direction that I was at, but Alexandre didn’t even go that way! So the departure time started going so I had to RUN to the car and then he sped away while i was texting him that i was right behind him and calling him. My phone was on 4% and I had to walk home because the next lyft i got was 15 mins away and my phone wouldn’t last through that long. I’m so mad at this company because this isn’t even the first time the drivers have been rude as hell to their PAYING customers. Never using this app again.

Spam Notifications

Lyft is abusing the fact that notifications are an important aspect of the app in order to push ads and promotions to users. Promotional notifications are forbidden by App Store rules. Apple should take note of this violation of user trust.

Not fair that you rate drivers but not rate the algorithm.

I’ve been a lyft rider for a few good years and love what they represent in comparison with the competition. With taxi apps it’s been the reality that all my problems had to do with tech issues. Considering how many drivers work, shifting slightly the ratio between driver and testers and techies could change a lot. And I expect a company they tried to be a real different than Uber to wait before pushing more algos that just try to inhumanly/blindly Maximize profits. Today I’ve been waiting for 15 minutes for a ride, and had to cancel the ride and order Juno after seeing the driver was not moving for 4-5 minutes and didn’t respond to calls and keep getting confusing messages from the app by texts to my phone about changes etc.


DO NOT USE LYFT!!! They let criminals work for there company and if you loose an item in your lyft they will do NOTHING to help you get your lost item back. And give you the run around and keep the driver employed with the company!!🤦‍♂️.. For the 2nd time I've accidentally left my phone in lyft and they NEVER helped... they NEVER contact the driver, they only "Email" the driver(while he is driving) ofcourse he is NOT going to answer! 😒Just recently a driver literally stole my brand new iPhone and lyft actually tells me that they CAN'T help me!,and they can't give out personal information on a driver.. yet the driver has property OF MINE for days and they litterly do absolutely NOTHING! But tell you sweet little nothings over the phone... and then charge you from San Francisco 20 times a months for no apparent reasoning... smh lyft is TERRIBLE! The have thiefs working for them.. they ARE THIEFS THEMSELVES!! use Uber!! They AT-LEAST have a GREAT customer support system, and actually CARE! about there customers... SMMFH🤦‍♂️👎👎

Works perfect!!!

Love it

What Happen?

Where is the add additional ride feature. Why can’t I cad a stop to my ride anymore? Help! Since this latest update everything has gone completely wrong

I love lyft but don’t like the minor changes

I’ve been taking lyft for a while now and love it. The only thing that I don’t like that they seemed to change in the new update is that I can’t make multiple stops. They need to bring that back. If you haven’t updated and like that feature then I suggest you don’t update.

Bad service

Y’all need to get ya drivers and company together I’ve been having way to many issues with drivers being late, showing up with to many people in the car and Y’all prices is ridiculous.

Lost the “schedule a trip” feature

Want the “schedule a trip feature” back please.

Drivers are great, app is confusing

Trying to call a car and set pickup and destination was really confusing. The UI needs work. Uber's was much more intuitive.


No more scheduling has made it hard to get a ride at times I need it most. Frustrating

Better iOS App, watchOS still needs refinement.

Their customer service easily remains top notch. iOS app is still sluggish, slow to respond but improving gradually. Four (4) stars for now, five (5) stars when watchOS app works reliably.

Good but...

I like the fact they have promo codes but they’re overly priced and expensive while costing more than Uber. I wish they could decrease the prices and allow 18 year olds or older to drive with a driver’s license. I hope they would add better promo codes and discounts. Like holiday discounts or thanking us for using their app.

Driver Shaun

Excellent service from Shaun today Altamonte Sprgs to 590 Village Pl, Longwood. Polite, interesting conversation .

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