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Love lyft!

Theres always a driver 5 minutes away and theyre all very nice. Got $5 off my first 10 rides!

Ótimo app / Great app

It works really well in Orlando city. Check it out! Use my code ADRIANA19884 to win $50 and ride almost for free. Funciona maravilhosamente para quem vai para Orlando. É só conferir!! Use meu código ADRIANA19884 para ganhar $50 dólares e fazer as corridas quase de graça.


They have good offers and nice cars

Love it and will continue to use it!

Very happy with the service and quality of cars. Some drivers could be a bit more talkative but over all 5/5. Thx guys!


All my experiences have been terrific, which is more than I can say for the competition...


Very nice, but sometimes too expensive

Nice opportunity

Really cheap compared to caps. Works great in the LA area!

The app is confusing

First of all, there are problems with sending a pickup point. It shows one thing for the passenger, another for the driver. Secondary, it chooses random driver, even if he is far away from the pickup point. Their understanding of a new user is too narrow. Tried to apply a promotional code for the new user, but they said that I am not. Even if registered about 25-26 hours ago

Best App ever

Love it. Used it all the Time in LA and SF!


What an awesome App! The drivers are awesome and its way better than Taxis!


Nice drivers U pay less than using caps

Doesnt work in Las Vegas

It always sends the driver to a wrong pick up location. Happens to me four times at CES

Loving it!

Absolutely in love with this service.

Prefer it over Uber

I dont know why exactly, but I prefer the Lyft app over Uber. Use it in every city that has drivers available.

Love it

Great drivers and better rate and service than Uber

Excellent Car Service

I really love lyft.

Lyft is amazing!!

Great alternative for uber and taxi. Always great service!

Competing UBER and other taxi services

I use Lyft everyday and Lyft provides best service even in remote areas. Most of the drivers are professional and cars are well maintained. Their customer support is good too.

App takes too long to think

Tried doing a price estimate and it just kept thinking for minutes. Tried to request a Lyft and it did nothing. It doesnt show any vehicles on the map like Uber. Wasted 5 min trying to get it to work including reloading app. Ended up calling a taxi.

Lyft review

Lyft has straight up been a life saver for me. I recently landed in Nashville to check it out for a month and Ive been using it non stop. Its been great thus far, only one hang up the other day. The lyft driver was unable to find my location and I had to wait quite some time before they made it to me. Not sure what the communication breakdown was but it was quite the wait. The driver eventually found me and everything was cool until I found out that I had been charged over $50 dollars because of the confusion/driver being lost. Out of at least 20 plus rides that has been the only bad experience, not Letting it put a sour taste in my mouth I continue to use lyft regardless. So all in all great app and great company. Thank you, Laine.

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